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syntolkning: blick från ovan, över grönska och rosa hav

Healing isn't

a one-time thing

It isn't a place

you go to visit,

not a weekend trip

away from home

or a play date

with your neighbour's dog

(even though that's kinda fun)

Healing is treating your body

as you would a fresh wound

blessing it with water and patience

Cleaning it so it won't get infected

Nurturing it with the utmost

tenderness and affection

Like carrying a newborn child

from one embrace to another

Or helping a ladybird

stroll across the edges of your fingertips,

on its way back home

Healing is putting trust

in your feelings and experiences

Making space

for memories you thought you had forgotten

- or didn't realize you needed

It's listening to your body

so that you can hear it breathe

Learning the difference between

your heartbeat

and hunger

Healing is questioning knowledge

and being susceptible to inner conflicts

that force you to change

and be changed

into something better

Healing is a way

of getting to know yourself

with and without pain.

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